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This one-week tour takes you into the heart of the Pantanal on a journey we have carefully crafted to maximize your vacation experience. This tour is South America’s answer to the African safari, with guaranteed, high-quality sightings of wild jaguars and other rare and charismatic wildlife. SouthWild’s unique features and tested techniques ensure that you get mouthwatering footage of all the wildlife around you.

You will be traveling with the company that pioneered Jaguar tourism, the only firm to ever issue a Jaguar Guarantee. SouthWild is the choice operator for the world’s top nature photography and luxury safari companies.

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If you do not see a Jaguar during a four day stay with SouthWild in Jaguarland, you will receive a full refund or the opportunity to repeat the trip for free within two years.

Your naturalist guide will meet you in Cuiaba to usher you into the Pantanal and deliver you back to the airport 7 days later.

Enjoy 2 nights in SouthWild’s carbon-neutral Pantanal Lodge surrounded by entertaining fauna.

4 nights on our floating hotel (“Flotel”) anchored only 10 minutes by boat from the richest Jaguar habitat in the Pantanal.


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Last vacancies available at the Better value than ever before & still protected by our Jaguar Guarantee


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At 17º S latitude, Cuiabá is the gateway for the Northern Pantanal, and is the capital of the Brazilian State of Mato Grosso, a central-western state that includes the northern 30% of the Pantanal. Jaguarland is the Jaguar-rich region located on the rivers along the southern river-border between Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. At the heart of Jaguarland is SouthWild’s 7,500-acre Jaguar Research Center: the first and most-Jaguar-rich private Jaguar reserve in all the Pantanal. SouthWild’s Flotel & Jaguar Suites is located just 10 minutes from this Jaguar haven.

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About SouthWild

SouthWild is a travel company specializing in eco-tourism and wildlife experiences. Founded by Charles Munn and co-owned with Layra Martins, SouthWild Travel offers unique and immersive journeys into the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems. At the core of its operations, SouthWild Travel is committed to conservation and sustainable tourism.

The company works closely with local communities and landowners, fostering partnerships that promote the protection of fragile ecosystems while providing economic opportunities for the inhabitants.

Layra Martins

General Manager and co-owner

Charles Munn

CEO and co-owner

Frequently Asked Questions


You will fly into the São Paulo Airport (GRU), one of the largest airports in South America. More than 34 million travelers transited through it safely last year.

Trusted SouthWild personnel handle all our transfers. They always put your safety first. One of our staff will meet your flight and escort you to your private vehicle. The drivers who take you to SouthWild Pantanal and Jaguarland have completed hundreds of transfers safely.

Luckily, we have no mosquito-borne diseases in the Pantanal. Don’t worry about Zika, Yellow Fever or Dengue Fever during your stay with us.

As for the Jaguars, we have been viewing them since 2003. In those twenty years, not a single dangerous interaction has occurred. You will observe the big cats from the safety of a river boat, always from a safe distance. In 2 decades of watching Jaguars, we have never seen a single cat show any interest in humans.

Yes, this is a particularly good year. We have just emerged from a wet season with some of the heaviest rainfall we’ve ever experienced. Consequently, the dry season won’t be too dry, as it was in 2020, when the Pantanal went up in flames. The wetland has recovered beautifully and this year all the creatures of the Pantanal, from Jabiru storks and anacondas to giant tapirs and Hyacinth macaws will enjoy easy access to a good water supply. Of course, the 230 known Jaguars who share their home with us will enjoy life on their favorite riverbanks more than ever, while paying no attention to you and your camera. They will be very active and ready with fascinating behaviors to entertain and enlighten their fortunate visitors.

Of course we do! Would you like to watch Harpy Eagles, the world’s largest and most striking raptors, in their nest from just 35 meters away? Come with us to Harpyland in Brazil’s South Amazon. Does a guaranteed look at Spectacled Bears appeal? These shy creatures are waiting for you at Bear Canyon in Equador’s tropical cloud forest. At our Wolf Camps in Brazil, we promise you a visit with Maned Wolves against a background of 1,000-foot-high red rock cliffs. Bearded Capuchin Monkeys and flocks of Hyacinth macaws will be busy nearby. These are just a few of SouthWild’s premier destinations. We find the best wildlife viewing opportunities throughout South America and take you there in comfort and safety. Check out our website,, to investigate our 23 current destination offerings.

Everyone you meet will be very much like you in one significant respect: they are passionate nature lovers, people eager to explore the world’s remote places and encounter its most rare and charismatic wildlife. Some are professionals — photographers looking to capture such elusive subjects as ocelots and agami herons on film. Most are university graduates, many retired, from around the world. They are experienced travelers. While a great many of our guests are dedicated birders, they are thrilled to see giant river otters playing in the water with hundreds of caiman gathered on the banks. And, of course, all of our visitors are as eager as you are to see our star Jaguars, America’s only big cats, up close.

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